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If your Michigan home has any electrical code violations, you and your family could be in danger. Electrical code violations will sometimes occur when you hire an untrained electrician to install or repair Rochester electrical systems. Since they don't fully understand or know the proper electrical code requirements in your city, they can miss important steps in the installation or repair process.

You may think that an electrical wiring upgrade is a simple task; however, if it is not done up to the correct code compliance, it can result in a possible hazard in your home. Being well trained and knowledgeable about electrical systems, components and their codes is a key factor when it comes to dealing with anything electrical.

Our highly trained electricians can fully inspect your electrical system to make sure that it meets code compliance in your city. If we find any electrical components that do not meet code, we can upgrade the system while we are on the job site. We can also check your electrical service panel for the proper connections and your breaker panel for proper breaker usage.

Our Southeast Michigan Code Corrections Services

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It is Saturn Electric's mission is to provide our clients with a unique service experience through top-notch prompt service and a courteous, respectful staff.  Our knowledgeable and well trained electricians in Rochester are completely dedicated to creating long lasting relationships by providing the best electrical products and the highest quality of services.

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