7 Common Reasons for Ceiling Fan Repairs

Ceiling fans are a great option for keeping your air conditioning costs in check, but from time to time, something goes wrong and you find yourself in need of ceiling fan repairs. Most quality ceiling fans are pretty sturdy, but they’re also an object that often gets continually used for long periods of time, resulting in wear and tear.

Here are some of the most common ceiling fan issues that create the need for professional repairs in Rochester homes.

  • The ceiling fan will not turn on. This problem can arise from several different underlying electrical issues. The culprit could be a tripped circuit breaker, bad connections in the fan canopy, or a problem with the wall switch. It can also result from obstructed fan blades. A certified electrician will be able to figure it out for sure.
  • The ceiling fan is wobbling. A wobbling fan can sometimes happen because dust and debris have built up on the blades. In some cases, however, you’ll need ceiling fan repairs to tighten the fan’s housing or fix a problem with the outlet box.
  • The ceiling fan is making an unusual amount of noise. The normal sound of a ceiling fan is a soothing whooshing sound, but if it’s working incorrectly, it can start emitting other, less pleasant sounds like whirring, grinding, clicking, creaking, squeaking, or rattling. These noises may be either constant, or occur intermittently. The problem could be loose screws, oil levels, cracked blades, or loose wire connections. Chances are, you’ll want to hire a Rochester electrician for ceiling fan repairs.
  • The speed settings aren’t working. Many ceiling fans have variable speed settings, a feature which can sometimes malfunction. It could be the capacitor, the ball bearings, or an overheated fan motor. Ceiling fan repairs are probably in order.
  • The fan’s light isn’t working. When it’s not a case of a burned-out lightbulb, it’s likely to be an electrical wiring issue. Since working with electricity is inherently dangerous for amateurs, it’s almost always the best course of action to call an electrician.
  • The fan won’t reverse. Your switch may need to be replaced, or it could be an issue with the frequency between the remote and its receiver.
  • The fan or its light randomly turns on and off by itself. This could be an issue related to the circuit breaker, or alternately, you could be dealing with frayed wire connections.

Most Rochester homeowners don’t exactly know their way around electrical wiring or a fan’s internal components, making professional ceiling fan repair the easiest and safest option. A broken fan on a sweltering summer day can be a major annoyance, so go ahead and call an electrician as soon as possible and get it taken care of.

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